Star Wars VII: a methaphoric point of view (warning this post contains spoilers!)


The Star Wars new movie is a Disney movie. As a Disney movie (commercial productions for family), I understand why Star Wars fans find it so redundant and full of elements already seen.

It’s also a J.J.Abrams movie too, he is the director of Lost, so I think that it isn’t so easy to interpretate like it appears.

So, I like it because, to my opinion, there is another key of interpretation.

Star Wars VII predicts the new next era.

So, to understand this, we have to look at all the movies saga.

In the first Star Wars episodes, the main character was Luke Skywalker. He is the son of Darth Vader, but he isn’t the only son, he have a sister, Leila, but the main character was the boy.

It was ’70, the father was the typical father of that year: despotic, dominant, in one word he is the Boss. Luke kills he.

Now, in the new movie there are also two characters. One is a black boy, the other is a girl. At the end, we’ll find that the girl has a lot of Force, instinctively.

The black boy at the first time appears like the main character. He change his life, rebels to the Prime Order, escapes because he feels what they do was wrong….and He is even a clone!

But at the end, he wasn’t the main character.

The main character was she and we’ll understand this only at the end of the movie. She is strong but she doesn’t know it. She have the Force and she learns how to use it instinctively.

The new antagonist remains puzzled when she resists to his mind control.

Kilo Ren, the new antagonist, is a fragile character. He isn’t Darth Vader, he hasn’t his majestic evilness. He is the son of Han Solo and Leila. Han Solo is a yippie character, so anarchical, so funny and Kilo Ren kills he!

So we have two historical eras: the ’70 years when sons killed the Fathers-Masters and the contemporary Era when sons kill the Yippie fathers of ’70 (the previous sons).

But now Kilo Ren is killed by a woman and she has INSTINCTIVELY more Force than him.

So the New Era belongs to women. There was two possibly candidates: black people and women. Star Wars predict the rise of women, to my opinion. And they rules the world with the instinct, not with the logic and practice.

There are many references in the movie to support this metaphorical interpretation.

The movie is all declined for women. The equivalent of Yoda in this movie is Maz Tanaka that is a female character among a turtle and a Chinese (another element peculiar of actual era: the dominance of the Chinese culture). And Leila is the commander of rebels.

In one part of the movie, Han Solo says to Finn: “Women always figure out the truth. Always”

And Rey says to Kylo Ren:”You… you’re afraid… that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader!”

Because actual men are unable to repeat the father-master even if they wanted to.

Because women are changed, they have a lot of Force!


p.s. wow I wrote all of this in english!!!! The Force is with me!



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